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Change in manufacturing goods- A step towards positive change

Which are your steps when it comes to the prevention of the environment? We must have definitely witnessed many talks and round table discussions going on when it comes to the preservation of the environment and climate change, but did these see real results?

Well, we might know about it officially but it does have some real positive results when it comes to its effects on people. We are much more educated and aware of the issues related to the current world and how these are very much affecting the natural surroundings.

The effect on the Gen Z

Same as said before, the current generation has been well aware of the effects on the environment. It has made it quite clear that they are way much aware of the current situation and have taken the necessary precautions regarding the same. Such as switching from plastic straws and cups. Or switching to products that are much more eco-friendly than the rest. Even lending their take on animal cruelty is one big leap for the same.

This change has not been just limited to a few industries, even the eyewear industry witnessed its effects. Where the industry is one of the major plastic users in order to make glasses.

The step was taken by the eyewear industry

The eyewear industry found an extreme emergency to switch their manufacturing ways to switch from the use of plastic and something that is more eco-friendly.

This major step came out to be one important factor and change of means that has been well applauded in the current day.

Various manufacturing materials used

The materials that were switched to were much more sustainable and eco-friendly making them a perfect option to look for.

Acetate- The plant-based plastic is exactly what you want if you are looking to switch from that synthetic plastic. They are much stronger and more durable and are available at the same price as that synthetic plastic, making them a perfect option to try out for eco-friendly usage.

Wood- Derived right from nature, what would possibly go wrong while using the wooden frames? These are the pure definition of glasses that speaks of elite style and strength at the same time.

Titanium- One of the most eco-friendly and sustainable metals of all time. Buy titanium glasses are known for its unmatched durability and strength and these are perfect for one who is actually a sucker for rimless pairs.

You do not have to spend your time going around looking for the glasses, all you have to do is order glasses online, best of glasses right on point.

The chance of the ocean

There are many brands that have lent their hands to directly benefit the environment with their campaigns. A few brands have taken over the initiative to make the ocean clean by making the glasses out of the plastic from the ocean. Yes, ocean waste is consistent with the majority of plastic, and imagine taking those plastics to make recycled glasses.

These plastics are collected right from the ocean and are made into glasses, eliminating harm to the environment and saving ocean life.

Apart from that, many have also worked on collecting fishing nets from the ocean and breaking and moulding them into glasses.

These small steps can absolutely be perfect for building a future for the eyewear industry that is sustainable to the environment.

Some can be fun where a brand has taken over the initiative to collaborate with the skater’s community and use the old wooden skates to make funky and stylish glasses.

Reglazing of the glasses

This is one big step from our side when it comes to preventing the environment. Reglazing glasses are nothing fancy, it just means brand new lenses with old frames.

Reglazing is the method that you could definitely work on where a change in prescription or an additional protective coating doesn’t demand a complete change in the glasses themselves.

Remember the time when you would actually get your glasses changed in order to get a prescription changed? Well, those grim old days have been long gone. This reglazing technique allows you to get a completely new pair of lenses without changing your old frame. Now you can keep your favourite frame as long as you want to.

Reglazing is environmental friendly

Less wastage- Generally when you throw away your glasses after use, you are increasing the amount of glasses waste, and reglazing completely eliminates it by replacing them with new lenses.

No need for recycling- We are well aware of the fact that even recycling the glasses has a certain amount of pollution emission and that is also avoidable with reglazing.

Best of all, they are economical so you do not have to go around purchasing multiple pairs of glasses for a prescription change.


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